Only those who dare to see the invisible can dream to do the impossible.

Avani B Panchal, is one of those rare breed of sportswomen, who can put her heart into her dream and then go all the way to achieving it. Ranking 20th at individual  and 5th at pair skating in the world-level today, her sports career started rather early in life. At the age of five years, when most children are perhaps learning to spell s-k-a-t-e, she breezed her way to success at the state level roller skating championship held in Visakhapatnam.

The early Years

While Avani was still young and focused on just winning the next game, her parents Vinodini and Bharath realized that there was plenty of potential in their prodigal daughter. And so, instead of staying back in Vijayawada they shifted base to Visakhapatnam with a singular focus: to get their daughter the best training facilities and infrastructure ever possible. She was put under the guidance of the renowned artistic skater Mr. Akula Pavan Kumar in 1998, and from there began a journey that took Avani through prestigious competitions and awards.

From National to International
Her first opportunity came in the same year when she participated in the National Championship at Delhi. She stood 5th amongst 30 participants. In 1999, she participated again, this time easily winning the gold and that too by a large margin. From then on, it was a journey of victories for Avani as she bagged medal after medal. At 12 years of age she went international, representing India at the Asian championships and winning 2 gold, 1 silver and 6 bronze medals. It was an important moment not just for Avani, but India as well, for the country had won a gold medal after 22 years. She participated in 2010 at Guangzhou, China winning a bronze there too.

Ice Skating to Victory
On the lookout for more adventure, Avani Panchal also decided to learn ice skating, a relatively new sport for a country like India. With international coaching to support her, she went on to become the first skater to represent India in the ICE Skating Asian Championship, where she won the ‘Best Fighting Spirit Award’.

Academically too, she has been a good student, passing with a first division through all her exams. ‘It is the focus of the sport that helps me to concentrate on everything else too’ she says. With 350 medals in various categories adorning her today, she says her best achievement has been a bronze medal in the 16th Asian Games 2010, China. Also, her aim is to win the next gold medal at the upcoming Asian Championships.


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